Descendants of Daniel Trapp

First Generation

1. Daniel Trapp was born in 1818 in South Carolina.

Daniel married Elizabeth Sarah Shedd in 1836 in Paulding County, Georgia. Elizabeth was born on May 14, 1822 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Children from this marriage were:

   2 F    i. Mary Ann Trapp was born in 1843.

   3 F    ii. Elizabeth Trapp was born in 1844.

   4 F    iii. Jennett Trapp was born in 1847.

   5 M    iv. Anderson Coleman Trapp was born in 1849.

   6 M    v. William John Trapp was born in 1852.

   7 M    vi. James Thomas Trapp was born in 1854.

James married Laura Gibson Shelton.

   8 M    vii. Jerry T. Trapp .

   9 F    viii. Clarissa Anadine Trapp .

   10 F    ix. Francis M. Trapp .

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