• Facts

  • James, William, Jeremiah, and Elizabeth are in Pickens County, South Carolina in 1830.

    James Trapp was born in 1810 in South Carolina and came to Georgia around 1830.
    He was in Paulding County for the 1850 census where he remained until he died.

    Jeremiah Trapp was born in 1802 in South Carolina and came to Georgia around 1832.

    William Trapp ( we will assume this is Jeremiah's brother) was in Cass County, Georgia in 1834.

    James, William, Jeremiah, Elizabeth, and Abegail Trapp were in Cass County, Georgia in the 1840 census.

    Abegail had four children under the age of ten. There is no futher mention of Abegail in later censuses.

    Daniel Trapp was born in 1818 in South Carolina.  He married in Paulding County in 1836.
    Daniel joined the Floyd Legion during the Civil War. He later moved west and died in Oklahoma.

    Toliver Trapp was born in 1824 in South Carolina. He married in 1844 in Carroll County and
    was there for the 1850 census.

    William Simpson Trapp was born in 1832 in Paulding County Georgia and died
    in Clarksville, Red River County, Taxas.

    William Allen Trapp was born in Georgia in 1821 and died in Lawrence County, Arkansas.

    John Cummings Trapp, his brother, was born in 1824 in Georgia.

    Both William Allen and John Cummings later moved to Arkansas and married in Lawrence County, Arkansas.
    Jeremiah's son, Alfred, moved to Arkansas before the civil war.

    William J. Trapp (not Jeremiah's son) married Margaret A. Littlejohn and had one child, Sarah Frances. William
    was killed at Reed's Bridge on the opening day of the Battle of Chickmauga, September 19, 1863, serving with
    with Company D 29th Infantrey. The Littlejohn farm was adjancent to Jeremiah's.

    • Speculation

    • It is conceiveable that James, William, Jeremian, Daniel, and Toliver were brothers.
      Elizabeth was born in 1780 and her husband, William, died before 1830.

      Who is the father of William Simpson and John Cunnings Trapp? None of the above were in Georgia in 1824.

      Dennis Duke offers the following about the connection: "I think I may have found the relationship between the Trapps
      of Carroll County and the Trapps of Floyd County. It is Elizabeth Trapp of Pickens District, S.C. I found the link
      in an on-line data base of the Minutes of the New Hope Primitive Baptist Church in Carroll/Douglas County.

      In 1835, Elizabeth Trapp was dropped by letter. The gaining Church was not named. What makes me think this
      was the Elizabeth Trapp who was on the 1830 Census for Pickens District is that in 1836, Susanna Trap and Sally Cole
      were recieved by letter from Long Creek Church in Pickens District, S.C. Trapp is not a common name which makes
      me think Elizabeth and Susanna are from the same family. I really think this must be Elizabeth Trapp, mother of Jeremiah.

      Susannah Trap was dropped by letter in 1838 as was Sally Cole and Margaret Cole. Susannah Trapp was again recieved by
      letter in 1846. Toliver Trapp married Sarah Cole in 1844 in Carroll County, but I do not know at what Church. I do not
      know the relationship between Susannah Trapp and Sally Cole. But, there is a clear connection between Carroll and
      Floyd families.

      I really think that Toliver is Jeremiah's oldest son. He could also be the youngest son of Elizabeth making him
      Jeremiah's youngest brother. I think this is a greater stretch."

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