Descendants of William and Elizabeth Trapp

William and Elizabeth were in Pendleton District, South Carolina in 1800. Elizabeth was from Virginia and William probably was also. William died before the 1830 census and Elizabeth was left with a family of nine. The family was still intact through the 1820 census. Of all of their children, only the names of Jeremiah and William are known for sure.

Jeremiah appears on the jury list for Pendleton District in 1828 and is in Pickens County for the 1830 census. He and Mary Richards were married sometime before 1829. Jeremiah sold 125 acres March 13, 1832 for $50.00. The land was probably sold to finance their move to Georgia. We know they made the trip in 1832 or 1833 because their first son was born in Georgia in 1833. At the time of their move they had two daughters under the age of five years.

Succeeding censuses show them migrating westward, adding to their family as they went. They were in Lumpkin in 1835 and Cass County in 1840. The family may have come to Georgia because of the Cherokee Land Lottery of 1832. This was when the original Cherokee County was divided into ten different counties.

Jeremiah and Mary had fifteen children. The first, Lena, was born in 1829 in Pendleton District. She married David N. Shields and had two children, Robert and William. David died in Mobile, Alabama during the Civil War.
Lena died during the high water of 1916.

Sabra Ann was also born in Pendleton District on September 24, 1831. Sabra was first married in 1851 to John Trap. John was born in 1827 in Pendleton District and was probably a cousin. They had one son, John Wallace. John Trap apparently died because Sabra married John Beverly Daniel in 1855. John and Sabra's eight children were born in Floyd County. They were Mary Susan, James Henry, Martha Matilda, Jefferson Davis, Elizabeth, John Wiley, Laura Amanda, and Minnie Alice. The family later moved to Manassa, Colorado.

John C. was born in Georgia 1833. He married Susan Tanner and had one son, John. At one time during the war he was in the same company as his father, Jeremiah. John was captured near Missionary Ridge, Tennessee and died of small pox in Camp Chase, Ohio prison. Susan later remarried and moved to Harralson County.

Albert G. and Alfred Darius were born October 25, 1835 in Lumpkin County. Albert married Phoebe Ann Tate, daughter of Isaac and Cintha Tate. Between 1862 and 1879 Albert and Phoebe had eight children: Joseph, James David, Mary Elizabeth, Robert, Elizabeth, Martha, Arritta, and Albert Jr. Albert was also known as "Doone." The family was in Gordon County in 1880. I have been unable to find anything after that.

Albert's twin brother, Alfred, was called "Monk." Alfred moved to Arkansas with some of his cousins and was there when the Civil War began. He joined the Second Arkansas Mounted Rifles and was with them until he was wounded and sent home. Alfred married Harriet Hicks of Texas Valley and had seven children. They were Johnathan Caloway, Alfred Bartemus, Seymour Hicks, Deder Farris, Joanna, Louvanai, and Anna Lee. He was a farmer and at one time a Justice of the Peace. Alfred died in 1916 at the age of 80. Honorary pallbearers were ex-Confederate veterans.

Nancy Matilda was born in 1837. She married John Nathaniel Beard and had nine children. They were Claude, Mary, William, James, Martha, Laura, George, Ira, and Robert.

Mary was born in 1844 and died in 1913. She married Thomas S. Dabbs. Together they had ten children: Ophelia, Lucy, Nellie, John, Susan, William, Sabra, Fred, Nettie, and Mary.

Priscilla was born in 1849. I have found nothing else about her except that her son, John William, was born in 1875.

Hulda was born September 24, 1850 and died February 16, 1887. She married W.F. Tolbert. They had one son, Charles.

William J., also called "Uncle Bill" was the fifteenth and last child. He was born in 1852 and lived until 1939. William married Sarah Forest. Robert Ola was their only child.

Jeremiah Trapp moved his family to Floyd County in 1843 (according to Lena's pension application), cumulating a journey that began about 1832 in South Carolina. I don't know why they settled here. They were the only Trapps listed in the 1850 Floyd County census. By the next census Jeremiah and Mary had acquired several orphans. They could have been part his brother William's family.

Jeremiah and Mary had a farm at Mountain Springs which is now part of Berry College. When the Civil War began Jeremiah was fifty-eight years old. He joined the Mitchell Guards and in 1862 was discharged for disability and being over-age. He made his way back from Knoxville, Tennessee and joined the Floyd Guards. He was still with them in August, 1863 but died later that year. Jeremiah and Mary are buried in the Old Armuchee Church Cemetery.

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